Patch 1.2 Live

Attention Captains.

Patch 1.2 is now live. This patch was focused mainly on making space travel more dynamic and adding in new features and improvements.

New Features

  • A new sector is generated if the player flies outside the known bounds of space
  • Minefield - Static clusters of explosive mines
  • Rift anomalies - tears in the fabric of space-time that can appear spontaneously
  • Heliosaur swarms - sentient migrating space reptiles that can appear on planets and asteroids
  • Captain's Log - adjusted how log entries are reviewed and ability to create own entries

Tweaks and Improvements

  • General code improvements
  • Tidied up some strings
  • Scanning missiles reveal payload
  • Scanning mines reveal payload
  • Noise system adjusted so that enemies and missiles can be affected
  • Can prevent spaceships spawning as part of the map generation to give users a little more breathing room at the start (note however this doesn't stop any warping in)
  • Reason for mission failure displayed on mission overview screen
  • Recentre command to recentre science and navigation window on the player's ship
  • New additions and reformatting of the user manual
  • Tweaked the spawning algorithm
  • Planets render last, preventing objects from overlapping them
  • Collisions simplified, resulting in overall improvements in performance

Bug Fixes

  • Planets with and without rings should calculate distances consistently
  • Fixed issue with autopilot and manual controls fighting
  • Added missing commands to help screen
  • Fixed issue with inject coolant accepting no parameters
  • Fixed issue with pressing return twice in autopilot causing a crash
  • Autopilot calculates time more accurately
  • Mission length based on in-game time rather than initial timestamp
  • Fixed spelling of ascertain on the initial transmission
  • Fixed issue with ship sizes not saving properly
  • Fixed minor text issue on bios screen
  • Fixed issue with objects popping in and out too soon
  • Fixed issue with probing objects returning scan descriptions as if not probed
  • Program splash screen background is taken from colour palette
  • Fixed issues with retreating ships dropping all mines at once

Numerous save files have been tested, but if you want to keep the data, backing them up is recommended. 

If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, please post them here or via the usual channels.

We hope you enjoy the changes and have fun with the work we've done on Astra Protocol 2.


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Mar 07, 2023
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Mar 07, 2023

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