Patch 1.3 Live

Attention Captains.

Patch 1.3 is now live. This patch was focused mainly on improvements to the AI, quality of life improvements, and additional features

New Features

  • Player can enable Signal Jammers to increase the noise experienced by a ship
  • Players and AI can recharge their shields back to full capacity
  • Ships can toggle tractor beams between repel and attract
  • Autopilot can be set to follow the target
  • Can automatically target lifeforms command to target living objects
  • Can automatically target the object detected as an imminent collision

Tweaks and Improvements

  • AI ships are given an Experience level which determines how aware they are and how they behave
  • AI confidence algorithm tweaked
  • The noise generated by moving at speed has been reduced
  • Noise level shown on transmissions
  • Missiles are fired / loaded in the order specified rather than the order they appear in menu
  • Option to adjust the AI spawning algorithm to be based around player rank, preventing powerful ships from appearing until later (turned off by default)
  • Ship's noise level determines chance of detecting player
  • Space-time anomalies can close sporadically
  • Laser array range, active, and target show on ordnance screen
  • Warning when ship is under a tractor lock
  • ETA removed from Navigation screen
  • Tweaked the spawn event to keep something interesting happening nearby


  • Can override all configuration variables via a config file
  • Can define joystick configuration
  • Can specify secondary joystick (to allow partial HOTAS)
  • Can run the game in a window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the autopilot overshoots
  • Moon orbits based on distance from planet not star
  • Fixed exceptions when running under WINE
  • Can specify the computer voice
  • Can turn the computer voice off at config
  • Ships shouldn't drop all mines in one go when retreating
  • Thrusters apply the correct load to the reactor
  • Fixed issue where high radiation broke the survivor system (making them 100% chance of detection)
  • Fixed issue with end-game event spawning prematurely
  • Fixed issue with ships doing nothing
  • Fixed issue with SCAN SPACECRAFT detecting fighters

Numerous save files have been tested, but if you want to keep the data, backing them up is recommended. 

If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, please post them here or via the usual channels.

We hope you enjoy the changes and have fun with the work we've done on Astra Protocol 2.


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May 18, 2023
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May 18, 2023

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