Patch 1.4 Live

Attention Captains,

Patch 1.4 is now live! This is possibly the biggest patch we've released to date with over 120 tasks and bug-fixes involved.

This patch brings in a mix of new features, improvements and bug fixes:

New Features

  • Ships can dock with space stations
  • Ships now have a life-support you must manage
  • New failure state - loss of life support
  • Science missions
  • Animation when reading transmissions from the Scientific Division
  • New life form - Crystalline entity
  • New life form - Rift worm
  • New life form - Shield mites
  • Speedometer in the Helm Module


  • Space stations now have expanded scientific details
  • Target locked objects show their trajectory in the Science Module
  • Survivors detected on ships are displayed in the expanded scientific details
  • Ship reactor temperatures are displayed in the expanded scientific details
  • Expanded scientific details can be multi-page
  • Transmissions can be multi-page
  • Can press RETURN to load the current HELP page immediately
  • Stars and planets display summaries of the number of planets and moons scanned
  • Tweaked chance of space-time anomalies occurring
  • Tweaked layout of scientific details
  • Additional biological matter can be detected on asteroids
  • Updated user documentation for new commands
  • Fighters with no fuel no longer expire
  • Space stations prevented from spawning too close together
  • Heliosaur swarms of a certain size appear on the combat radar
  • Tweaked collision meshes for better improvement
  • Tweaked the effect that noise has on the missiles homing

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rendering issue with doughnut meshes
  • Fixed issue with heliosaurs sometimes not registering hits on a ship
  • Fixed issue with minefields sometimes not registering hits on a ship
  • Fixed text issue with recharging shields
  • Fixed graphical issue with the laser targeting appearing outside of the laser range
  • Fixed issue with spaces in the PLOT ROUTE command causing a syntax error
  • Fixed issue with the computer not reporting target loss
  • Fixed issue with destroyed ship count not saving

Thank you for the time and patience, this patch took a while to get out.

If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, please post them here or via the usual channels.

We hope you enjoy the changes and have fun with the work we've done on Astra Protocol 2.


Astra Protocol 1 MB
Nov 18, 2023
Astral Guidance Operating System User Manual.pdf 836 kB
Nov 18, 2023

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