Patch 1.1 Live

Patch / Build 1.1 is now live. This patch constituted some functionality and graphical changes, and stability improvements.

New Features

Save and Load Functionality

Two new commands to both save and restore progress.


A new screen showing a, not to scale, map of all celestial bodies and space stations that have been discovered.

Auto-pilot ETA

The navigation screen will show an estimated value of the time remaining to reach the target destination.

TAB to auto-complete commands

Pressing the TAB key will auto-complete and allow the user to cycle through commands and their sub-commands.

SHUTDOWN command

Entering the SHUTDOWN command will prompt the user whether they want to exit and will close the terminal if Y is selected.. This is in addition to the Alt-F4 functionality.


Cut from the initial release, Stars have been re-implemented.

User Manual Nudge

To help point users towards the user manual, an appropriate flavour text is displayed in the command window on boot.

Reduced noise

The amount of noise generated based on ship speed has been reduced.

Save Config

The user config (enabled via a command line argument) now has the option to save between sessions.

User Manual Updates

The user manual has been updated to reflect the above.

Graphical Changes

Separate command window

The command input window is now separate to the command log due to a change in how this was implemented.

Equaliser Bars

The signal strength display in the science module now has additional equaliser bars to help determine signal strength.

Sizing bars

Additional size markers have been added to the expanded details screen

Bug Fixes

Enemy Ship Component Damage

Enemy ships now take damage to their components similar to the player.

Fighter distance

Fighters are reported as lost if they get too far from the player's ship.

Abort Self Destruct

Aborting a self destruct that is not active will not display the message that it cannot be cancelled.

AI ship behaviour

Fixes to some circumstances where a ship's behaviour could get stuck.


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Jan 13, 2023
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Jan 13, 2023

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