Astra Protocol 2

Hi All,

If you enjoyed Astra Protocol, you'll be pleased to know we've been working on Astra Protocol 2! We've still got a fair amount to do (including setting up the Itch page!) but have just launched our Facebook page for it, which can be found here:

When we started on Astra Protocol, it was mainly a technical challenge to see if we could make a game that requires no external resources, and we managed it! Due to the scale of the project, we left a few ideas on the cutting room floor as well as thinking up a whole load more which wouldn't fit into the structure.

Astra Protocol 2 should be bigger and better than the first. We've dropped the no-resources aspect of it (we know its possible now) and improved the technology you'll be working with - slightly. Check out the Facebook page, or our Twitter,, for more updates.

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